about curate sa

We are independent art consultants and our core competency is our expertise in art, business and curatorship. Our unique abilities combine artistic and strategic holistic thinking to reflect and reimagine your company story.

What we do

We create themed spaces which speak to the aesthetics of memory, image and aspiration.

​We curate your story with a selection of art and objects to make your strategic identity visible.

We select and organise your collection to inject vitality into  your board room, professional practice or corporation. 

We can curate a timeline from the past into the successes of the present to a future strategic landscape.

We envision invisible concepts and encourage a new aesthetic curiosity.

How we do it

By using rigorous research methods to support your strategic history, we can optimize your (design) space by creating a completely new collection or we can transform existing collections.

We interpret your successes and transfer it into the present and towards the future.

Why CurateSA

Physical spaces house the energy of organisations. 

Many businesses are decorated but not curated, and miss the opportunity to express the strategic intent that drives them.

A creative mind is key in innovation and can help drive organizational change.

 A strategically identified art space can become a place for dialogue for both clients and staff.

Art can create deeper emotional intelligence.

In the 21st century art and culture helps  with the new challenges of the digital age.

A well-curated space can be a powerful tool in generating public awareness and staff loyalty.